What is a Milliard?

Stop being lazy, ponder through the site we’re sure you’ll find Milliard on every page, in every post, and within every issue. Milliard is the evolution of culture, the introduction to Avantstyle, and the out with the old, in with the new element of media coverage. In the wake of boring, copycat, recycled “blogs” or “online magazines”, emerges innovation, spirit, and the ever forgotten character. Milliard is the ability to create something from nothing, which will be better than everything. We all strive to be on the other side where we think the grass is greener, instead of adding a lawn gnome over the dry patch, and adding fertilizer to assist your grass in its growing process. The truth is, if you don’t know how to cultivate a dirt field, you won’t have the knowledge necessary to maintain a greener pasture.

If you believe you are a fashion designer, artist, photographer, culinary expert, or stylist who is dedicated to perfecting their craft to a Milliard standard we are interested in hearing from you. Obtaining a billionaire mindset starts within, Milliard is the platform to showcase the talents which are a result of your elevated attitude. You may contact us at our old destination for the moment, but stay tuned for the update as the Milliard evolution is still ongoing.