Established- January 2009

Milliard Magazine is an online meets physical publication that will perpetuate an Avantstyle sort of lifestyle and culture to the masses. Milliard constitutes billionaire living by any means with the ability of being displayed in a variety of ways. Yes, billionaire’s are people too, in addition to obtaining wealth one has to have the mindset and determination to do so. You can’t have a Milliard lifestyle without undertaking a Millard mind, such as you will never be a pro-athlete without the persistence to get your game to that level. Millard fashion is not buying pricey attire, strutting down Rodeo Drive like a Kardashian, but an ability to coordinate an outfit that represents yourself in an elegant light.

Avantstyle is not just a compound word, but a tradition among Milliard followers compounded with a sense of fashion, zest for life, and demeanor unlike any other. If you’re going to wear a pair of dirty shoes, make sure your hat is clean, top it off with the Milliard attitude and voila Avantstyle has been formed. Milliard living is attainable by all with no limitation to race, color, or creed even though those categories seem to mean the same thing anyway. NO, this is not a socialist regime looking to control the minds of the American youth with the goal of destroying the democratic processes we have all come to know and love. Instead, Millard intends to breed life into a strict caste system which is fashion, art, culture, etc. and the way it is covered in mass media today. We can all be billionaire’s, why not start with the easiest method, which only takes yourself and a little creativity. Ask yourself not what can fashion do for you, but what you can do with fashion. If you think that’s lame look around at the other guys, I’m pretty sure you won’t find many Kennedy references in that bunch.

– Milliard Editors